At the end

We explained that it is possible to establish a sustainable way of living, and to deny a mere materialistic way of life. To do so, we have to live modestly with the gift of the sun and nature. One way would be to allocate to people a certain area of land according to local conditions and let them live self-sustainably. Although it must be considered that even in establishing a self-sustainable way of living, without including cultural/spiritual activities, the materialistic way will be prevail and people won't get out of their present dilemma.

In the countryside of Japan few people live and there would be a great opportunity for many people to try a sustainable way of living.

The present Japanese trends of house and building construction are wrong. On a property, the space is mostly used for rooms leaving no green area. People are made to live in a concrete box without the benefit of a natural green area to provide a peaceful space to relax. The bigger a building, the larger a green area is needed, and it could also provide an area to grow food by the tenants co-operating together.

Genuine co-operation builds good relationships between people and helps to reduce pollution. We shall keep going on this project and if you have any specific area of interest you would like to share, please get in touch with us.

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