(1)Living by using only natural energy

We have tried to use different kinds of natural energy. When we talk about energy, we tend to think of producing a huge amount in one place and distributing it. However, the energy requirements of a family house are relatively low. It is said the total energy that human beings use in a year is 1/15,000 of the solar energy falling on the earth. Rather than relying on limited fossil fuels which in turn produce pollution the solution to our energy demands is to use the solar energy efficiently.

    �i‚P�|‚P�jEnergy for cooking
    �@�@�i‚‰‚‰�jCooking tools to use solar energy directly
    �@�@�@ �i‚��jSolar oven
    �@�@�@ (‚‚�jSolar cooker
    �@�@�i‚‰‚‰‚‰�jCoppicing and its carbonization
    �@�@�i‚‰v �jTemperature change at cooking
    �@�@�i v �jCooking equipment for efficiency
    �@�@ �@�i‚��jA thermal insulation box and skirt
    �@�@ �@�i‚‚�jCooking range

    �@�i‚P�|‚Q�jAir conditioning in the house using ground heat
    �@�i‚P�|‚R�jHot water for shower and dish washing
    �@�i‚P�|‚S�jWindmill power generation
    �@�i‚P�[‚T�jOther possible energy collection methods
    �@�@(i) Solar radiation collection with a two-dimensional reflector
    �@�@(ii) Solar radiation collection with porous materials
    �@�@(iii) Collection of radiation from clouds