Chapter 4 Soliloquy of an earthly man


The following short comments are gathered from my writings over time and then somewhat grouped and classified. It gives me great joy to look back on myself and see my progress through life, and think forward steps.

The sun’s energy is everything. However, what would its disappearance mean to the concept of time and what does it mean physically? How is it related to human existence? If humanity can live until then, a new philosophy may have been created which finds the next plane or existence. I do hope that this is realized.

A person can not exist without dialogue with the sun and nature, and this is given generously to everyone.

Humble and modest life

Zen masters left their names and their great philosophy. However, they received their daily food from farmers who made it with their sweat; most of these masters were great artists and could sometimes pay with their work. Although they must have lived in a humble and modest way, from my standpoint this is not a sustainable way of living.

Religious austerity practiced by a priest in the deep mountains could be a good reference point for a sustainable way of living. This way could be generalized and developed further for other people to use. Religious people should release the concept and encourage attempts to introduce this austerity to a wider community.

A time is coming when a rich or materialistic man will be despised, because they obtain their results by using other people. A person in power will be treated in the same way if they do not use their power in a just and proper way.

The feeling evoked by collapsing or tumbling structures is interesting, e.g. remaining columns and old buildings in Greece and/or Italy, old Japanese houses. I feel a sense of the return to nature in the space created by age and decay. It seems to be common that people round the world feel an interest in the Japanese concepts of Wabi -humbleness and Sabi-agedness. See Fig.1.


Greek Parthenon and oil wall at Ryuanji Temple in Japan
Fig. 1  Wabi and Sabi

I think that the concepts of Wabi and Sabi suggest the importance of the harmony between human deeds and nature. There is no possibility of these concepts existing in a house whose building materials are treated. The importance of the concept comes through on the surface.

When the world of Wabi and Sabi was established in Japan, it must have been very sustainable.

Things we can learn from other creatures:
・Why do birds do not cause contamination and nuisance? They only eat as much as is necessary from existing food sources. They range over a wide area to collect this food; their excretions fertilize plants and sometimes tree seedlings. This relationship with the earth and nature has been long established.
・Why do fish not cause harm? They take only what is necessary from the place where they live. They conflict between species, but their food is not in common with human foods. They are in harmony with nature just as birds are.
・Why do plants not cause nuisance? They stay in a certain area. They require a lot of time to grow. They don’t blossom until a certain time. They need help from wind and animals to settle in a different place.
・Why do animals not cause nuisance? They may compete but they only eat food which grows locally. They are part of a balance in a world where the stronger prey upon the weaker.
When all things are considered, only human beings live in a greedy and arrogant manner and create nuisances and contamination. They are the only type of existence that breaks the balance.

Present medical treatment tries to cure only the part of the body that is ill. Causes of the illness, e.g. stress, foods, living environments etc should also be investigated and improved and /or eliminated.
In a sustainable way of living, preventive medicine to eliminate these causes should play a part.
Much illness is caused by human mistakes. One can not get ill if one lives in a regular manner and has a balanced diet on common sense. These days people tend to consume delicacies that they desire which are not chosen from the view point of health. It is wonderful to live healthily, with a thoughtful life and natural death.

It is incorrect to process foods and eat them. They eat false artificial foods. It is the natural way to eat fish from the sea and food from the garden.

There is no rich culture in NZ as in Europe. There are no towns which develop with culture at the core, like in the present Japan and the USA. The towns just sprawl and give no inspiration. However, there is always nature and that can be much stronger than poor culture.

There was time when it was thought a parent’s love to their children should be shown by giving materialistic support. Although it has been continuously this way, in future it will be more important to have an attitude to learn and do things by oneself. There will be a time when it is much more difficult to live, and this attitude is very important in preparation for the time. The point is fast coming where we can not live but merely survive, just as the chief Seattle said.

I must not talk grandiosely of having great nature behind me. I must speak humbly and modestly of the importance of knowing and learning more about these things.

We have to fairly and properly share the gift of the sun with other creatures.

A purpose of Ikebana flower arrangement is to break the monotone of a modern house with straight lines. It has been existed to provide a wonderful accent there.

A person who uses the least possible energy with their best efforts and/or who is not rich can reach the soul world easier than others can. They can imagine this world more easily because energy and money do not exist there.
In addition, a rich man can be said to commit a crime if they make their money by using other people.

It is not efficient to use a sickle to cut Kikuyu. But doing so gives us an opportunity to talk with nature, to know how it stretches roots at nodes and senses at its top, and we can deepen our own knowledge.

It is evident that globalization will be ended when fossil energy sources are exhausted. It looks like bacteria which sponges off tasty foods. So what is the point of the proposal?

If we can establish a relationship with nature, basically charity for others becomes unnecessary. Charity becomes a falsehood.

To live in a modest way does not mean to live for modesties. Rather it is to find a wonderful life which can not be obtained without them.

Birds live in modest and simple nests but they exist within great nature. We need only a small and modest house. If we go out, rich nature surrounds us.
This is the starting point of a sustainable way of living.

Human beings belong to nature. We may have to reconstruct the natural world of native animals and plants, and adjust to it. We may have to live there modestly and use native trees and grow native grass, letting them regenerate.

Human greed brought about by mass-production has removed organic farming and contact with nature.

This project is a message from a generation who has known both poor and rich times.

Rich people, you can not bring your riches to the next world. To obtain these riches you must have worked, losing your good health and using other people. Are you really happy? I would like to have a social survey made on these rich people although it is a negative rather than positive matter.

Joyful Life

If skies are always clouded by smog, we can not observe any phenomena happening in the universe, i.e. particular changes or even an UFO coming. If the truth is hidden in the upper level of a society, the lower level which consists of the majority of people can not see it and become like frogs in a well, leading to a large level of unhappiness.
Creative thinking toward the great universe is masked and this has been done by us to ourselves. A young Japanese who was brought up in Tokyo have said that it is a terror to see the clear and star lit night sky in NZ and to think of infinity. In mathematics and physics, infinity and its reciprocal zero are very important concepts. How should this large sin of removing the chance of experiencing and thinking about such things be made up?

We forget to regret that we will miss forever the fine, delicate and rich beauties of rare species of animals and plants that have become extinct. They will never come back. Where in the world have they gone? It is evident that humanity caused this. Crows, sparrows, wasps, kikuyu etc are wide spread - only unpleasant creatures remain, as do ugly human constructions such as concrete buildings and factories only with functions.
The world of sensitivity is now a desert.

Creatures that live sustainably seem not to think of the environment. They must know that their ways do not harm those environments.

One thing is clear: if a change is fast, we can not properly follow it. We can not express every change in a sunset or sunrise. Accordingly we express it in words.
It is true that we do not feel ease or peace in response to a quick change. We must have latent rhythms in ourselves like alpha wave brain activity and the fluctuation with 1/f (Hz) in the natural sound spectrum.
There are expressions in paintings and music to represent seasonal changes, but most of them express only a portion of the changes in space and time.

Most of us forget the feeling that we had in childhood, of getting up in the morning with a fresh and positive expectation of the day ahead. We should treasure this sensibility.

What are we looking for between birth and death? One sure thing is steady progress toward the future. And it might be the process of efforts to connect it to the spiritual progress in the next world.
What is progress towards tomorrow? It must be found practically in individual conditions and environments, because each of these is different.
When we deliberate over the progress of mankind, we have to start from nature and the living things there: birds, flowers, grass, plants, animals, minerals, clouds.
For that, we need attitudes of careful observation and assimilation for painting and sculpture, expressing one’s philosophy, poetic expression of turning scenery into fantasy and meditation, of praising actions such as trembling and breathing, birds chirping, etc.
It is necessary to write down one’s efforts while seeking beauty and a life purpose, and to feel great joy at witnessing and explaining a natural phenomenon.
If we don’t have such space and time, what does life mean? We can not have a life without these fundamental concepts.

In daily life, we are not much impressed with reproducible linear change, like replayed music on a CD. However, we are impressed and surprised by wonderful expressions of non-reproducible and non-linear changes, like cloud formation at sunrise and sunset.

If we start to do anything, the next stage awaits. Collection of knowledge by itself does not further this much. I have experienced and enjoyed wonderful developments step by step in Acoustics and this project. Here I have been finding joy - even if it is small, it is pleasurable to see a new discovery.

It is very happy and joyful to be able to think about doing various things in mind. Because the practical attitude of aiming progress means looking for continuity to the next world, believing to have a good start there.

If we learn more and use it usefully to increase sustainability, the amount of joy can be expanded in time as well as space. The importance of science in this is clear.

It is very important to keep one’s sensitivity attuned. If one feels something is good, interesting and/or useful, it should be straightforward.

Japanese society is based on harmony, with discussions affected by people looking around too much. As a result it is very difficult to create things there or obtain time and space.

When one ages, time appears to go faster.

The beauty of the sun at rising and setting is simply the interplay of the sun and clouds. But nobody can express this. We have to learn more and to be closer to nature.
If nature is expressed in words, it is monotonous, but if it is felt and sensed directly, how rich and great a space it can be.

When I look back on my Acoustic research and work, I think my personal efforts have contributed to the development of society. However, this is just an excuse given by a tiny person whose efforts were somewhat deformed by the demands of greedy human society. They didn’t have any contact with great nature. On the other hand, individualism exists in the contact with it. Each quality and level of joy is different with each other.

How could we say simply the sun is in the sky? Sunrises and sunsets are created with the earth and a scene becomes magnificent. It makes them much more impressive to have the horizon. I have such admiration for the sun and the earth!

A lot of joy can be found with new findings even if they are small, for instance,
   Possibility of perennial rice growing
   More efficiency by using glass covers over a pot in a solar cooker
   Acoustical support with a rectangular enclosure on a stage
They can not be found through mass-production.

One has to see, touch and feel nature, and learn from it by oneself. It is completely different to do things with academic knowledge only. One has to experience it in practice.

Birds, grass, flowers, skies, clouds etc are different amongst themselves. If each of us could be different like them and create such wonderful harmony in nature, we may be able to peep into the soul world.

As the superior primate we must not be arrogant in seeking a soul world. This must be done in joy, and birds and plants must have it too.

While it would be good to have a trip somewhere else for a relaxed time during festive seasons, even while working I can have a wonderful restful time when I am in green nature.

It is quite a basic idea to start locally. Many arts are created and developed locally, giving richness and joy to people and their minds. They can be enriched by being more widely disseminated. The starting point should be the local area though.

Emigrants to NZ reproduce their original foods and cultures missing them. There are many advantages to being a multi-cultural country, however we should also develop new cultures.
Cultures have been created by a dialogue with nature in their originating countries and locations. Cultures based on the English language seem to be underpinned by logic and out of touch with nature. It is strange that they now cover the entire world - is it a test from god or temptation from the devil?

A good chef must be able to cook other tasty dishes using everyday leftovers. He is the highest gourmand.

Noise is one nature contaminant. This house has double-glazed openings and does not emit much inside noise. Birds such as rosella, kingfishers and black birds come very close, perching on a honey-loquat which is three meters in front of it. They don’t care and don’t fly away if people inside move around.

I like the following German sayings:
Joy is a beautiful impulse from god (Beethoven the ninth).
It does not need much to get joy, and if one gets it one feels like a king (German canon).

Science for a sustainable way of living

To realize a sustainable way of living, we have to collect a wide body of knowledge and accumulate the results of various experiments. Natively, I am a man of little common sense. After I started this life project and had results from my attempts, I tended to make a mountain out of a molehill. In this section you will find a lot of shallow talks given by such a man. Please be kind.

Some time ago, it was reported that solar radiation is getting stronger. If this is true, its contribution to global warming is much larger than the one by human beings. On the contrary, recent news says, “It is weaker because the number of sunspots is fewer.” If this is true, global warming is caused by us using large amounts of fossil energy. We have to work against global warming. Whichever information is correct, what we have to do is to suppress our egoistic greed and materialism.

Mass production, starting from stock works to technology, has led to the grave and pressing illnesses of energy crises and environment contamination. We have to go back to past times, namely a time when we pursued science in the generosity of nature.

In the sea around NZ contamination has grown. The eutrophication caused by the excrement of domestic animals on farms is clearly one of the causes. This has accumulated for a long period in the sea. It is very difficult to change this quickly, but the use of Ozeki septic tanks (methane digester) would help a lot, especially at dairies - and could also produce energy.

We have tried a variety of methods of solar energy collection in this project. These methods should be part of planning a house just as if an orchestra was being conducted, making a Harmony of Solar Energy.

Because of the strong dependence of the economy on fossil energy, we have abandoned useful science before. We should resurrect this science and determine if it could be useful in a sustainable way of living. We should create a new way of thinking and determine the meaningfulness and direction of new discoveries in science.

Many applications in this project are from stocks that have been gradually developed in Architectural Planning Principles in Japan. We need to return to these and develop new principles in Architecture towards a sustainable way of living.

We should create an educational program on sustainable ways of living and the necessary basic science or knowledge to do this. This could be available on the Internet. Towards this, further cooperation between not only scientists but also practitioners is necessary. Further research is necessary and also periodical meetings to discuss individual items e.g. solar cooker, solar oven, septic tank, construction methods, family agriculture etc. The results should be fed into the educational program.

We need to analyze allowing for the laws of nature, the social conditions etc especially to make linear relationships clear even with multi valuable factors, where the theories of quantification I and II are useful. After this work, the confusion between present fields will be much clearer and the direction to take both in further development and in existing topics will be found.

A sheep or a cow looks to innately have the ability to distinguish edible grass from inedible. When I touch soil I seem to work with it with a certain judgment already made. It is not in my memory but maybe imprinted in my DNA, though these things are not that simple. Do they correspond to the chain of DNA or to reincarnation? DNA may not be the whole.

If we try to grasp knowledge at the macro level it may not be difficult, but it is often difficult to do so at the detailed level (e.g. global warming and weather forecast). However, these need to be compared to each other.

Academic societies, especially in technology, have been reluctant to accept prosaic papers. If only logically described and concluded papers are accepted, meaningful ones might miss out. A paper on an Ozeki septic tank whose decomposition process was not completely solved might not have been accepted. If a paper has worthy and meaningful results, it should be accepted and acknowledged.

It might be arrogant of a scientist to discuss things quantitatively. However, to overcome the earlier greed of economy in society it may be necessary to do so. Accordingly, we need a good quantitative tool.

Technology seems like human arrogance, an illusion where human wisdom is dominant. It takes only a very narrow view. A conscience to be in nature is a primary attitude to have science, which has not always been set. The awareness that technology is nothing compared to great nature is necessary; nature is the origin to which we should return and reconstruct. Technology must be just a utility for human life, something for protecting and not harming nature.

It is easier for a developing country to become rich and happy, because the distance to the point where a new start towards sustainability could be is shorter. It is far more difficult for a developed country, which has introduced a destructive and decadent materialistic life.

Humanity wants to live for billions of years. We need science for this goal.

We have to have the mindset of an inventor or a scientist. Even when we receive a new scientific finding or a new creation, it is most important to know what kind of mind has made it and how genuine it is. Any extension of materialism must be unquestionably denied.

Fig.2 The direction of the present society is towards destruction and   decadence

Children are deprived by playing computer games so often. They are into computers; we must not let them admire these things too much. We have to educate them that their lives encompass a wide area and many different things. They must not depend every calculation on a calculator and on a given computer program. Life should not depend on a computer. They are just devices to use and we should never be used by them.

When we talk about science, we have to remember how minds greedy for power and money have given themselves to it, flocking to fossil energy. Some of them must have had a hunger for power and money.
Now, we have to deny this type of person and do science that works towards the soul world, in the belief that we can be on a high spiritual level and make large steps forward.

Science has developed with a motive of money making. Accordingly, it has been done in a negative spirit for more money and been supported by these interests as well. When we aim for a sustainable way of living, a different standpoint of science needs to be established and judgments made on the basis of necessity.

Real nature is vanishing.  Rare species are dying out, and we lose the opportunity to appreciate their beauty and step into an imaginary world to study them. The fact that we can not reproduce them and their roles in nature, is such a great loss we can not put it into even a corner of our consciousness. Photos and/or videos are alright, but they can not reproduce the atmosphere, space, and circumstances of the reality e.g. A CD can not reproduce sound over 20 kHz because of their processing limits.
It is tragic for people in Japan that stars are concealed by smog. The nature governed by god is deformed, interplay with nature is limited, and we feel nature is somewhat wrong. If the fields we learn in are deformed, the result is to make us to distant from the real soul world.  I do not forget that I myself am in this situation.

Science to compensate for the side effect caused by modern life creates vicious circles, such as will occur with GE. It is evident that people should put their energy into this area.
The hesitation about GE by Japanese people will create a new energy, and could be a new meaningful start for their nation. In this regard, we are located at a good point.

The research on DNA and GE goes into the secrets of human life.
However, if it is applied without considering everything, it will follow the same process as past science discoveries. I believe that the secret of life is much more noble and magnificent.
We may not have the time to mend the failures and mistakes of GE as science and engineering have done in the past. The introduction of GE could be group suicide.
Why do we have to take these risks? If by chance it is successful, what would we gain spiritually or philosophically? How would its success be explained?
Again the trend towards destruction and decadence is visible.
It is permissible to call GE a science that studies life. However, people who try to make money from it should not be allowed. If something bad happens they will accuse and blame the scientists. The scientists make excuses while trying to make money – this is the start of mudslinging and a vicious circle.
Needless to say, it is vitally important to find the secrets of life.

In a sustainable society that supports individualism, social systems will be changed, as will academic societies, the arts and so on.

How wonderful it is that science researches the truths of nature. It must not be stopped in continuing this looking at great nature, explaining it, and finding the flow to the soul world.
However, the attitude that I can’t accept, which I deny wholly, is one where science is used only for ease, convenience and materialistic purposes. I see attitudes towards GE as coming from a place where other people are used as test subjects. They can say it will be used for curing illness, but it is really for profit. It is also said it will be used for food production. Why is this necessary? Many organic farmers could produce sufficient food so the desire to use GE is caused again by greed, convenience and the possibility of obtaining additional harvests.
It is logical to investigate DNA and its mechanisms and find the differences between health and illness in organisms. In fact it is a wonderful theme to look at the secrets of life and research how it applies to the human body. There, I blame the mind and the deed of greed just like ants infest on honey.
We should wait and try to understand any results first, and admire the complexity of our system and the soul world that can be glimpsed through them.

The fact that hydrogen exists in magma tells us that the lightest element can remain in the ground and heavy elements can be taken out into the universe. DNA can stay in the ground for a long time. Doesn’t this give us the possibility of reincarnation? Neutrinos exists that can penetrate the earth. All of this gives our imaginations a wonderful world.


The solution of a linear system recognizes the original point of human existence. We have to simulate activities carefully and precisely to work in a multi-value field. First we must understand it with common sense, and then create a wonderful space by utilizing each other’s creativity.
Our human life suffers from linear restrictions; however, non-linear restrictions can be removed.
Discreteness and continuity: the sensation of feeling continuous to physical discontinuity is caused by the learning effect. If education and information are given in such a way, it may be threatening and scary and can result in something like brain washing.
We have to be careful, especially with social activities and effects. (Is illusion related to the learning effect?)

Everyone’s flow of thoughts may not always be strong, but the moment of thought itself is important as an inspiration. A person whose flow of thinking is stagnant repeats himself and relies only on inflexible knowledge.

It is common in Japan to decorate pine branches for New Year Day. Wouldn’t it be a more creative ceremony to observe the growth of a pine seed?

How nice to have holidays after working or to rest after hard work! It is a moment to release one’s mind, and to meditate. This can be the start of creation.
We must not rest with a concept, but think more deeply about it. And we must bring our thoughts together and think about the universe that is controlled by God.

A simple concept and a concept obtained after practical work, only the latter brings us successive inspiration.

We have to live seeking continuity after our death. A sustainable way of living is------Freedom-------Liberation----Joyful life, with the belief in new development even after one’s death. We should keep this image in mind.

If a creation is great at its origin, its energy gradually forms and becomes organized, and then collapses. If deadlock is reached, the original version must be reviewed. Here is an example using concert halls: concert halls started with the Gewant Haus in Leiptig which had a rectangular shape like a shoe box. Many shapes have unsuccessfully tried to improve on it, but recently a few halls have returned to follow a rectangular shape.

Technology including GE is insistently materialistic. It cannot include cultural creation or philosophical theory. Simple technological sustainability would be to live relying on solar energy. There we need an attitude of seeking a life purpose and enjoying it and/or finding joy.

I think haiku and waka poems or reading poetry have been used to strengthen a sound mind. Without looking at nature with an enlightened mind, poems cannot impart a good impression to others. They become formal, artificial or technical.

We have to think that a way of thinking is fixed if we use a single language. Additionally, there must be negative aspects of culture which are affected by language.

Expression by language is a means to transfer thought and information and is quite limited.
It is defined by humans being limited. The positioning of a person or his way of living must be found in nature and its dialogue. If something is difficult to express, we need not do so.

Most culture has gone in the direction of money. It should be directed to nature. In a space where people live sustainably, a lot of vernacular culture has grown up.
Looking back on this, we must not allow traditional culture to vanish. Japan had these over 150 years ago: haiku and waka poems, kabuki, noh and kyogen dramas, joruri music, bunraku puppet.

It is difficult to create culture in a concrete box. It may seem to be creative at first glance; however it is just a step away from being an artificial creature.

Even if a beautiful scene is painted, it is linear. Painting should also aim to show non-linear natural phenomena, which can be extended to imaginary spaces and the world of meditation.

It would be wonderful to establish science which is based on coexistence with nature and delving into unknown worlds.

It is important to keep being childlike. As an example, when young we used to get up every morning looking forward to what the day would bring. Isn’t this a good starting point for creativity?

When we cover a joined line of two planks with a wood strip of a certain width the grains look to be continuous. If the width is larger the illusion becomes larger. There must be a lot of spatial and/or time situations which are not continuous but look to be continuous. So we must be careful.
However, other things can happen with curves. If two straight lines are shifted, we can easily see they are discontinuous. However it is possible to connect them with a curve – this kind of complement exists in such things as paintings, ikebana flower arrangements and sculptures.
Items are interesting as a result and show a higher degree of free expression.

When we see a complex society, it may appear that creation is not occurring there but it must be. Even if it is hidden by noise, we should find and encourage this.

Think yourself free from the constraints of society. Everyone has their own wonderful thoughts and an ability to create. Once you start, you can progressively expand on different things. I am very lucky to be in such an environment. Others can do the same and I want to encourage this possibility.

When I have been focused on thoughts and experiences aimed at a sustainable way of living, I have been joyful and learnt a lot. If you start young, you get to a certain level earlier, creating a routine in life and richness in enhancing yourself. This could be taken so far!

Creation comes from a healthy sustainable way of living and is a fundamental part of it. And with creation comes further development. Development does not come from simply waiting.

Man and woman

What is responsibility in a relationship of love between a man and a woman? Isn't it wrong to maintain the relationship for responsibility’s sake alone? I think that what is important is to keep creating something together.
The joy gained through sexual intercourse may not exist in the next plane. We will be separated from our bodies and this is a type of pleasure that we might only have during our earthly life. We have to find this joy for otherwise earthly life is imperfect. It is given by the gods to help discover the meaning of the existence of men and women. However, there is also a theory that the next plane is filled with joy where energy is not used.

Morality in the past supported materialistic cultures, social structures and religions. Love and romance were pushed into a corner and dismissed as idle and lazy, and turned into work. Love and romance were tied to the concept of idleness and derided.
If a sustainable way of living can be established, people can be emancipated and free. However, it should be remembered that if one becomes too lazy to produce food and energy, life itself can be destroyed. Nature is a great teacher.

I exist first and may later meet a partner. The union should function towards meaningful creation. Life should be a process of trial and error and should not be criticized or disparaged for diverging from the established concepts of society.
We should cooperate and enjoy working together to cook and learn food science. We should not impose on others for everyday work, but find ways to complement each other.
How can harmony between two different sexes be created? Is it possible to pursue the development of common science and intellectual fields? This sort of thing is interesting indeed. I think the way this is handled within materialistic society is decadent.

Joy can always come from the flesh. It should be a very important part of one’s earthly life. If we could separate the joy in each situation from the body and pursue it, we could transfer this to the next plane.
Filled with love, making exquisite and honed creations we could find the true nature of humanity and delve deeper into its mysteries.
If the relationship between a man and a woman is based on utility, it is not meaningful. Neither is it if it is based on dependence. It should be for mutual creation.
It is very difficult to generalize the relationship between a man and a woman. In fact it is impossible because each person has their own history. Both should find joy in practicality and if they find happiness, they have found a worthy way.
I can not express an opinion about children. Unfortunately I can not find anything to talk about.

East and West

In oriental countries, especially in Japan, majestic nature exists first and we enjoy the atmosphere created by little human disturbance to it.
A minor tone has been created. In a sense, it is a way to philosophically access nature and localize the existence of human beings. If the development of a thought stops, it is left to nature. There is an essence or there isn’t.
A bird or an insect chirping is symbolized or changed into a formal sound. In Japan which suffers from earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons and other natural calamities caused by powerful natural energy, people have been in awe of nature. This may have encouraged Animism, and as the result the concepts of Wabi-humbleness and Sabi-agedness have been developed. People have also tried to commune with and contact nature and find the world of enlightenment. This field of finding a way of living was mastered but unfortunately is now vanishing.
Through minds admiring the greatness of nature, hybrid concepts have been created.
In western countries, people had to conquer a nature which was dark with scant solar energy, as well as overcome other tribes. In order to do this they could not be melancholic and had to persuade themselves not to feel dejection and depression. The major tone became the keynote. People attempted to simulate in a true fashion a bird or an insect chirping.
Not only in music but also in painting a lot of colors were used. People tried to simulate nature and express this, then create a new version. They try to conquer nature too and arrogantly make life. Conquer and challenge, from this the concept of Genetic Engineering was created.
It is dangerous to generalize, but from such a rough sketching we can move in a new direction using both types of culture.

A country or nation has its own language and expression. They have created their own habits and cultures within their social histories. Their atmospheres could be compared with each other and produce further creative energy which could lead to wonderful spiritual progress.
Are there differences that come from reading letters of an alphabet or seeing and reading Chinese characters which show meanings, even abstract ones? Practically, they are different. When we memorize someone’s name, westerners do this by sound but the Japanese tend to do so using characters.

If something is not complete, put forward possibilities and ask other people’s opinions and improve on them. In the same vein, a person is not complete from their beginning and hesitation is a Japanese weak point.

Greediness must be stopped. Spiritual progress can never be obtained or come from an attitude of pursuing the benefits of the mass-production of crops and vegetables, or from a mind-set towards obtaining more land and money. On the contrary, we should not neglect the existence of people who have lived with modest and humble minds, feeling anxious that something can not be explained logically.
The greedy methods of business must indeed be refuted. Love and respect to other people should always be part of the background.

Historically the Japanese did not have a way of thinking which incorporated the mass-production of cows and chickens, rather having an attitude of producing food just for their family. They never were required to produce other people’s food and be controlled by this need. They had found the principles necessary to be sustainable.
The village concept, which constructed and established a hierarchy of the feudal system, survived for a long time. In order to live other people were needed.

After Japan was opened at the end of the Edo era, it pursued materialism and cultural development stopped, being used only like a spice.
One of the reasons lies in the movement to a materialistic society led by the English language, which is the simplest language. It would be interesting to further examine topics on languages, spirit and soul.

European individualism is historical and strong, and relies on individuals using a lot of effort to deny their desires. Selfishness results without this. On the other hand, oriental individualism is weak and people do not insist or act on their desires. However, the sense of charity is low.

European struggles have been against nature, but they have also been an extension of human beings. In oriental countries, the attitude to admire nature is fundamental, such as during seasonal festivals.

Things that are cultivated locally over a long period should be considered very precious. We have to look at them differently than observations made on imported things, obtained in a short period of time, and create the future based on them. Past aggressive attitudes must be given up at an individual level.

Historic diets based on local produce should be investigated, and common nutrients found.

The Japanese dislike of GE could serve as an impetus and new beginning for their nation. A good spot to start is by looking back on past history.

In Japanese, just one syllable can have a variety of meanings. For instance “ki” can mean tree, straight, mind, chance or yellow.... Japanese culture has been influenced by the importance of catching each syllable.

Among westerners an increasing number of people are apprehensive about the environment and participate in activities relevant to this. It weighs heavily on people’s minds and I feel they empathize with the minor tone discussed before. Even in NZ where nature has always been rich, the consciousness towards the environment is deepening.
Europeans attempt to show the spirit or soul – there is a slight difference - in paintings and music whereas Japanese ones show a connection to the next world after death. The former discusses the present and the latter the time after death. Accordingly, the former needs to expand its time axis to include the next plane.

Spiritual development

Is the development of human beings destined to follow the changes to the earth that we ourselves have made? This is like a cancerous root. Even if we return to living as we did before, spiritual evolution can continue to mature.

There are spaces where we rely on others to not get involved and leave undisturbed. Often evil, which must be carefully and rationally destroyed, can exist there.

Our society tends to take little notice of and neglect inconvenient matters. Individuals, including me, do so too.

This is a time when people run away using the excuse “That's the way it goes.” It is a time when spaces which have been established with trust are being demolished. We are moving towards a time when we can not trust each other.

How the world where we can escape and run away has been constructed? There is no place to go.

Where is happiness?
Some years ago, I said to my students, “With mineral water bottles in hand and fresh air cylinders on the back, Japanese society keeps moving”.
What do they look for? Everyone has forgotten a sustainable way of living and lost the confidence to live, not because of human arrogance, but because of lack of thought and ignorance.

Life should not be a whirlwind based on greed, but something sustainable that does not cause any harm to the earth. By doing this one can have an open door:
to think on the meaning of life,
to look for joy and richness of mind with thoughts of beauty,
to think of the next plane of existence, and
to move towards reincarnation or enlightenment
The subjects above must be answered before the end of the solar system.

There is a point to discussing how a process to find a way to coexist with nature could recover the original human nature, and guide us to the next world. It is very difficult to completely deny human desire and ego, however, we have to try and do this and search for a higher spiritual level.

We should cooperate in order to be able to get back to the fields, where we can have the smell of grass, earth, clean water and fresh air. Only there can we think properly.
Historically, Japanese culture has done that – they may have a gene for reincarnation And if this could be further developed, we could move our thoughts to a higher level.

Although we die physically, DNA can remain in the ground for thousands of years and so reincarnation may be possible. Accordingly, even if joy comes through the flesh, we have to move beyond the physical aspects and keep developing thought and spirit while reaching for the world of enlightenment.

It is a great pleasure for me to be able to have a free space to think in. For a person who has lived with society’s tricks and restrictions, one’s deeds are a cross on his back and I can not live my life in such a way.

With bird nets around the rice paddy, and chicken wire net around veggie gardens protecting against rabbits, people can coexist with other creatures. We need to be mindful that we only borrow land from nature. If one has to produce a lot, a large area must be protected and you may think of killing invaders - one’s standpoint becomes different and distant from what it should be.

It is reality that everybody ages. How poor and unstable Japanese are in their aged period! How could this be improved by through sustainable living? The decreasing labor force due to aging causes a lot of concern, however, the experience of cultivating land could be good for everyone.

Alzheimer’s is said to happen to honest people. It could be a form of liberation from the gods.

It is problematic that the nature-friendly life style of the olden days is not suitably passed on to young people. They put it to one side and do not look back. My generation should be a bridge. The 70 years of my life have been in a tempestuous period and I have a lot to pass on.

A person’s life can be a closed system using the Ozeki septic tank, if the residue in the last section (which is the non-organic substances from consumed food) is returned to the earth. Then what does a man do through his life in this system? What is life for? Because it can physically compose a closed cycle, the part that pursues the development of spiritual aspects can be considered separately. I want to find my life purpose in this.

Everybody wishes to have a good start in the next world, and not only wishes for it but makes an effort with their strong beliefs to achieve it. This is common sense, isn’t it?

It is difficult to finish one’s life in poverty, physically and mentally. It is wonderful and I admire those that do so.

I want to live longer, because there are a lot of things to learn on this planet given by god.
We have to think what a human being should do with their life. The meaning of a human life is the most important of all to discover. Towards this purpose Nature can teach us profoundly.

There is meaning in service towards a healthy society, respecting and loving each other. This is a fundamental concept in religion. However, it only makes full sense within a sustainable way of living.

When a sustainable way of living is established, we can finally be on the same level as a bird which lives freely not harming nature, eating as much as it wants at any time, and enjoying its life without restraint. After this we can find space to think of what a human being truly is, if we say that we are the cleverest and wise creatures.

It took an enormous time for human beings to be created after the earth was formed. Furthermore, human beings were composed from nothing after this time. Are we going back to the nothingness of that time? No, we have to look for the soul world.

I am living for myself in a way so as to be able to jump to the next world. This is not for other people and I do not impose this way of living onto any others.
Individualism- I don’t want to express it in a word- based on sustainable living is an indispensable domain of liberation and freedom where we can hope to solve the ultimate subject, the world after death.

A person who can not find a life purpose is unhappy. A person who can not image the continuous flow to the next plane is unhappier. Life purpose is connected to this.

Grass, trees, fish, birds, animals - each of these have to live. They all have to think about the jump to the next plane. Is it possible for them to find the answer before the solar system finishes? Does this question come from human arrogance? Is this a fate only given to human beings? Is it possible that by providing compassion we can get there together?

Sins are not allowed even if they are confessed to. To compensate, one needs to do more good things than bad. Compassion should be shown to those deeds.

Aging is the process of feeling less pain, losing sexual desire, having a decreasing appetite, and leaving one’s connection with the flesh. Only one’s rich cultivated spirit remains and then leaves for the next dimension. I wish I could make this process continuous.

Whichever philosophy is adopted, it should be one cultivated in nature that encompasses sustainable living and a deep admiration of nature. Otherwise it is meaningless.

Don’t whinge and complain. If your mind is occupied in this way, you miss good things even if they happen nearby. We must not miss beautiful and worthy things.

In religion, causing people to believe its progenitor suffocates an individual’s development of their creativity. We must not follow such poor guidance because I believe that the opening to the soul world is obtained by the cooperation of individual creation. Besides, we have to think of those great progenitors’ exhortations to live strictly and modestly, compared to the showy religious activities we see these days.

What positives do religious people offer? When talking about spiritualism, what is constructive? How can an individual be saved? I believe they have to live sustainably by themselves, just as Jesus and Buddha lived modestly.

Final completion is not necessarily the goal of a sustainable project. If we complete something, we stop making further efforts and acts of creation around it.
Technology is material and physical. We can not obtain cultural creation and philosophical law from it. Mere physical sustainability is completely different from searching out a life purpose and enjoying it.

When we progressively think through things, most of the time a conclusion is delayed, and we become impatient. However, if we stop so does progress. How can we avoid this feeling and have peaceful minds doing activities progressively, glowingly and creatively?
We should have time to worship god in the morning and evening. We have to think much more deeply about the meaning of life. This is necessary for me presently.

It is said that plants can sense the universe. They are beautiful.
Now, how about us human beings? We need to learn from them. It can be of great inspiration to know nature further.

Birds and animals live sustainably. What a pity only human beings can not do this - who said they are the most advanced among the primates? We are not advanced, only arrogant.

If one’s mind turns towards a grubby direction, such as the materialistic desire for money or power, one can not talk about nature with a clear and pure mind, or dig deeper into matters such as a philosophy for life. The way to the next world gets further and further away.

In a poor country, one has to live in a more sustainable way.
Even in those kinds of places, there must be a lot of people who wish to search for enlightenment, but they are not necessarily visible. It is not known yet what kind of results will be obtained from this project and I have been lucky just to be able to do this. I want to talk with others, because I might be immature in my viewpoint.

Local culture has developed through interplay with nature. The ones spread by English speakers are based on logic because of the language. This is apart from nature. It is strange that they have spread through the world. Is it an attempt by god to tempt people to the devil?

Plants which are carried in contaminated water and soil survive with certain strength, and may also filter contaminants. Is it arrogant to use them or not? Yes it is. We should not knowingly contaminate anything.

Have the dynamics of the flying mechanics of a bird been analyzed and solved scientifically? Can we still say human beings are superior? The dynamics of these creatures are truly great.

If science on the universe and research on DNA progress, they will be only on physical matters. Where can we find spiritual progress in that? This is the direction for human beings to go ahead with. They might help us for some purposes but I think this is subjective.

It seems that genuineness in spirituality and simplicity in material things has a certain power. Complex things may look powerful but if one part is broken, the whole thing is broken. To mend the fault yet more complexity is required. After being bound hand and foot by this, a dead end is reached and freedom and creativity is lost. Typical of this is Japanese society, though every “old” country is in a similar situation.

It is necessary and important for a person who wants to pursue eternal life to make an effort to live for a long time and to spend that time thinking.

NZ has a similar population to Japan once animals are included. Animals occupy most of the land but do not have any bad thoughts. The country is occupied by animals not human beings. A man who has bad thoughts has the worst existence of all.

Am I looking for a transient stage or do we have to go back to the olden days? I don’t think so. I want to find progress through living steadily in a sustainable way for as long as possible.

I think it is right to think that if one works diligently in a sustainable space, one gets good, happy and pleasant results. Positive thinking promotes a good working spirit.

What are we looking for in the development of science? We have got at best convenience, greed, or laziness as a result. There is never spiritual development. If we desire to do something only through science, this way should be rejected. The reason doing so is the same as bacteria that consume everything when given organic matter.

Can a tree or a bird evolve over 4.5 billion years? I want to say that human beings have the possibility of doing this and over this period of time they too may evolve.

Something fundamental exists in the mind which respects age, e.g. an old bowl for a tea ceremony loved by my grandfather for its agedness. That is the spirit of Wabi and Sabi. Consumerism causes an attitude of only looking for newness.

Most people turn away from environmentalism and the pursuit of sustainability. The non-ratification by the United States of the Kyoto protocol discouraged people and the invasion of Iraq took the world’s attention away. Pessimism about the superpowers covers the world. It is clear where globalization heads to now. It has brought decadence and destruction. The repetition of actions without any spiritual progress has brought us to this.

A tradesman said, “We know it is wrong, but if we don’t do somebody else will” in reference to things like the cutting down of rain forests, the use of chemical products that include poisons or fame seeking in science.
We need spiritual progress to break this pattern.

This comes completely from a negative point of view, but a few sociological surveys should be done.
   To rich people and people with large incomes;
How healthy and happy are you?
   To presidents of companies who sell unhealthy foods;
Do you eat or use your products?

Just as we have to recover from the vicious circle of side effects caused by recent modern technology, we will have to do the same for ones caused by GE. It is evident that we have to put a lot of human energy in this area and should not live in such negative ways.


I want to avoid talking about this concept using just one word. It could be expressed more comprehensively as the concept of living a creative life, establishing a sustainable way of living and being free in oneself.

We must not use the excuse that others do something and so we should too. We must not be influenced by others; we become the same kind of criminals as them. We have to put a brake on this kind of behavior, with each person being as different as possible.

Helping poor people is a great idea. Town planning in England attempted to save individuals while socialism tried to save the masses. The latter can not be progressive, especially in Japan. As shown today, it produces bad people within a hierarchy.

One need not cross swords with others at every opportunity.
One can postpone deep thinking until later and still produce quality results. There are people that think quickly and give their opinions at meetings who are respected as leaders, however the most important thing is in-depth thinking and the final results, even if this must come later.

Harmony is a Japanese virtue but it means conformity. If you stand on your own two feet then you can insist on individualism. This project can be partly seen as a struggle between individualism and democracy.

Once we could have an expectation that things would be done in the end by somebody, even if they complained a bit. However, these days we’d better not rely on people doing things for others. Everyone has their own circumstances and we need to establish our own methods and spend our days confidently creating.

I want to emphasize that sustainable living is possible for the old, and encourage myself by doing so.

Through mass production and the division of labor we have constructed our society to use other people or to be used by them. Food is made by somebody else to be brought to one’s place of work, and our day to day jobs are limited.

Foods which have been GE modified are in the market without the public being notified or informed. Thus soya beans produced in the USA might be mixed into tofu in Japan. The media do not follow this up. Unlikely or not, we are already experimental subjects although at least there is movement towards displaying information on labels.
We have to urgently establish a sustainable way of living and avoid the dangers that exist.

People seem not to follow pessimistic logic. If nuclear weapons are produced, they will be used for war. This is clearly logical. However, we tend to override logic with hope; human beings would not take such destructive action.

It is reality that if a group is created, someone bad will come to dominate and control it. We expect somebody else to solve environmental issues, but it never happens.

Environmental issues can be solved and stopped only by human beings, because they know the process by which contamination has occurred.

Present Japanese democracy retards the progress of human wisdom, because it relies on a strategy of getting the bare 51% majority necessary to control matters. Where can we find proper thought development? This will be an important subject in the 21st century.
If we are mindful of nature, we can definitely develop and progress.

In environmental matters, we must not allow the attitude of “Do not be serious. Everybody is doing this.” The Chisso Company and factories in Yokaichi city which were involved in environmental disasters still function. Mistakes of this type must be severely punished and stopped.

Because Japan is a society which ranks everybody with harmony and Japanese democracy, the Japanese can not imagine how to freely behave and decide what they should do for themselves.
This can be seen in the education system, including during the preparation process for higher education. I observed this a lot in the behavior of university students. And in the wider society…

There was an unreasonable push towards manufacturing in Japan after World War II. The social habit of hiding things developed and production systems became criminal as a result. This became a large bill that would later have to be paid.

Now an individual is seen as stronger than they were in the past. One difference from olden times is that everyone has access to higher education and has a higher level of knowledge. It is not a time when any individual becomes a hero or needs to use other people. We have to break the structure of the past.

A bean sprout is a bean sprout. However one raised in the shade can not be strong: just as fast foods, computer games, training in a well air conditioned indoor athletic field instead of the fresh air weaken us. If a place and time to develop and cultivate immunity does not happen, an unhealthy and weak person will grow. Such people have increased these days and we should observe their lives.

We must not be defeated by a temporary phenomenon, because a person who has creative ability is able to advance - though they need to be careful not to be used by cunning people.
Even if that person is not in the best environment, they must not forget to extend themselves and to think about what they have created. They should not be restrained by low level discussions but work at a higher level.

We need to verify our way of living and live for ourselves, not for others. On the other hand, it is also dreamed to look for mankind’s happiness.

If one becomes free through sustainable living, the existing power structure will be destroyed, because people need not belong to it.

Things flow. The flow moves to lower ground if we don’t place barriers against it. Things like McDonalds and computer games can be part of the flow and the impetus to think about life is missing. Why do we need computer games and McDonalds?
We should review those things that lead to decadence.

Democracy gives us only the common opinion of the majority after strings have been pulled and sneaky people have worked behind the scenes. And it made people stop thinking.

A human being, a living thing whose whole system is not understood, can not adjust easily to the artificial world made by technology, medicine, agriculture. Plants are the same. We can not make rice which can resist acid rain. By saying that the original cannot be adjusted and is sick, further artificial things are made.
We can not abide by this kind of course where nature is forgotten and things are irrevocably changed.
The repair of the failures of GE gives the illusion that there is a new science and there is progress. The measure of evaluation should always be on the study of nature.

I suspect that some real information is hidden from the public in Japan, things such as the composition of waste water from factories and the river water used in civic water supplies, the density of dioxin, poor philosophy of private universities etc. It is said that this is to prevent disorder but if things were out in the open, much more damage would be visible.

When I resigned from the university where I worked for 28 years, one of my students said to me, “You are going to be one of the ordinary men.” Yes, I did this at 60 years old, because it was the right starting point for me.

A man must not drift.
If one lives like he or she is floating down a large stream, one loses oneself and can not be original.
One has to aim towards developing one's dreams and goals, otherwise one can not hope to progress in the world after death.
Those of us just drifting through life need to examine and question ourselves.

If things are hidden, unpredictable issues can suddenly occur. An example of this would be water contamination - something is likely to have been concealed before it happens.
Western countries are more open, however many strange things still occur recently.
Anything may be hidden in Japanese society. Cover-ups are frequent and those conducting malfeasance protected, especially when the poor results come from a poor plan. Judgment between good or evil is missing and consequently, the existing situation is reinforced and is impossible to move forward.
Dialog with nature.

Individual’s personalities are suppressed. This oppression must be removed and we should seek our dreams and what brings us joy.

The structure that the mass-production system created is starting to collapse.

Under a sustainable way of living, nature teaches us a great deal. For instance, if one does not work one does not have food. It is just and fair and can be a wonderful kind of education.

If one doesn’t break out of one’s shell, one can not make a great leap.
We have to find a higher level philosophy through contact with nature.
We can not depart from the present world with only concepts, which requires a field of enquiry into the system of nature.

There must be many people hidden from history who never express their thoughts and finish their lives in this way. We should talk with them. Does Obon, which is the time of praying for ancestors at the height of summer in Japan, have meaning too?

Thinking about the 4.5 billion years remaining for the Earth, why should it be hard work to discover a conclusion?  I can finish my life, leaving my thoughts obtained through contact with nature even if I don’t receive cooperation from others.

Materialism with its greedy demands places a heavy load on personal lives, the use of a huge amount of energy being ingrained.

Circumstances which can not be fought and changed by individuals, like traffic noise along roads, the spread of bad politics or environmental problems, sprout everywhere. They cause individuals stress, deform lives and lead to resignation.

Let’s have a new type of contact with different people. Mutual exchange brings meaning and can be an opportunity to get new energy - change brings energy too. There the more different the better!

Most social activities and work are not constructive, and Japanese society carries a huge debt caused by the bubble economy. Even if we try to reconstruct the economy, natural resources are near depletion and the environment is contaminated and damaged, and only a limited number of people can survive. In such a situation, there is no way to make everybody happy. Purpose and goals are lost, and we can not find the direction of economic growth as we could in the past. All that is left is a sustainable way of living.
It is easy to live when you belong to a group. However, individuals are ignored.

It seems to be main stream to put simple thoughts together. Are complex thoughts so essential? Is this because the existing society is so complex?

By not relying on or pursuing chance and luck, one can be in a state of continuous creation by living in a modest, steady and expansive way.

The impact of joy is essentially different when one is impressed by other’s thoughts and when one thinks deeply and forms one’s own conclusions. We need both though to progress and develop.
When the latter is advancing the former is not necessary.
The first situation might contain catches or tricks and can tend to lead to fanaticism and reliance on others thoughts, just like in some religions. What must not be forgotten is that religious leaders and great philosophers were human beings just as we are.

We need to learn directly from nature because otherwise individuals can not be truly free. Even the concentration of individual creation can not be the only lead in the development of mankind.
What it means to live by oneself must be experienced and appreciated. Only after this does a life with others have meaning.

It is a joyful sight to see the interplay between the sun and clouds. It can be said that everything is created by the sun. We are just like the clouds which are created by god. Everything exists to experience god.
Just as it is difficult to catch the turbulence of clouds, we exist to be one and act like clouds, however, if we exist only as a mass, it is hard to find beauty in that.

The phenomenon of music spreading through the world is interesting. As the world’s political or social trends are based on the same information and knowledge, people are quite ready to jump onto new trends. I think that there are hidden dangers in this mass behavior.
The globalization led by the USA is part of this. We shouldn’t move towards money but towards creation.

Difference and change can give us spiritual energy. A good example of the former is gathering with different nationalities and talking frankly. Whatever the subjects are, whether simple details of daily life such as food dishes or more complex matters, because of the differences we can exchange opinions and improve ourselves. The latter example is seasonal changes.

We need not to judge or criticize other people. A person should be judged not by other people but by god in the next plane.

Politics should only be for protecting an individual’s safety.
Nowadays every political leader shouts “Economy, Economy …” especially during an election. They are still chasing a dream of materialism. Only destruction and decadence are waiting in this direction. We must not support politics with power that can be used as a tool towards totalitarianism.

This project is not to build power or cause a revolution, but to seek a new direction for creation.

Life is for one to improve and advance oneself. Society exists to respect and enhance each other. Society must not restrain an individual.

If you don’t like other people taking power, you must not take it either.
When an eco-village is constructed it should be given an appropriate name. How about to call it Utopia Village?

Human greed and mass-production have overtaken organic farming and contact with nature.

The introduction of GE might bring mass suicide. Why should we run such a risk? If it turns out to be successful where will we be spiritually and philosophically? What progress can be gained by its introduction? After all, it is directed towards destruction and decadence.

A man need not live if he is perfect. We live because we are not perfect.

I sent an introduction to the Ozeki septic tank to a journal which looks at organic farming, but as it preceded articles related to political struggles against GE nothing further followed. In such ways very important possibilities for sustainable living are delayed. It is also a good example of how we can miss important issues if we are too political.
Journalists direct us in such directions. When an individual talks to the public, they have to be very careful. Environmental matters can not be solved without individual cooperation and creation.

The right of individual demesne must be limited (as an example, 2,500m2 for one family, given temporarily). It can be accepted as being based on the idea of a gift from nature and god. The fundamental area should be able to be changed depending on land quality and character.

What could be done by just a single person? Do we live just to finish fossil energy?
Veggies, fruits and trees do not exist for a single generation. Experience should be transferred from generation to generation. The concept and habit of this is missing.
Land has such individual characteristics. For example I have learnt lately through experience that NZ land is basically clay and takes a lot of time to become fertile.

It would be interesting to see from the next world how one’s soul in the past remains and develops on the earth. In this exists the essence of individualism.

The purpose of constructing a community should be based on individualism to give more freedom to everyone.
Volunteer work increases the possibility of the thought and leads to self-improvement.

When we use sustainable energy, it is difficult to get enough from only one kind of energy source. Many people have been disappointed by this. The purpose of getting a large amount of energy from a single source is evidently to gain power to control, and if this is realized, freedom may be restrained.
However, the sun gives us its energy in a variety of forms and they exist in many places. When discovered and used properly, it can create great joy and happiness.

We rely on others too much. As a result, we compose ugly spaces and societies.

Many of us have lost the time to observe ourselves carefully, ask questions, and find a way to improve ourselves with knowledge.

At my age I finally recognize the importance of having a proper diet. Crops from the veggie garden and the rice paddy are a great help in this. I believe that the value of a proper diet must be taught from childhood and should be one of the main goals of education.
If one lives sustainably you can control the balance of nutrients by yourself in your crops. You are free to choose the varieties and amounts you grow in your garden and how they balance one another.

Let’s think about food. People look for organic foods and avoid GE treated and artificially fertilized crops. But their choices are limited even if they don’t mind paying more money. The choices of available species and types of crops are made by farmers. Is this freedom?
We are tied hand and foot by the social system. As a result the attitude of “That’s the way it is” develops. We need not exist in a large system, but just start with ourselves.

When one feels “I have aged” you have to think that this is a subject that has been passed to you. You have to solve it with your knowledge and best efforts; you will find that can be deeply meaningful to be aged.

Low hierarchy (Gentle or loose social structure)

I think that the advantage of constructing a hierarchy comes only when each individual has a burning desire and internal energy to help others based on a philosophical consensus. Previous experiments failed to establish fundamental ideas or philosophy and the results were poor. Only understanding the philosophy superficially, people’s frameworks were only what they imagined and illusionary. Many sneakily clever people were also involved.
We have to go back to a lifestyle where each of us establishes our own freedom. After advancing spiritually a community should be constructed to help weak and poor people and work towards the community’s happiness.
When a hierarchy is created, two groups split out; one is a winning group that uses other people. Another is a defeated group who try to survive in the hierarchy. To be in the first group people need to be able to use other people, and quash their dreams, creativity, romance and philosophy.
Even at university, the situation is the same for students who wait for direction in study. They are affected by their parent’s guidance on what discipline to follow. They are easily moved into the defeated group. If this develops in an organization or a country, they will be easy persuaded or ordered to join in war.
Every country has its own identity. If Japan loses their own identity and follows the USA, it then belongs to that hierarchy.
English is a logical language. In the past English speaking countries have expanded and introduced a materialistic culture as part of their version of globalization and hierarchy building. It is wrong to tie society hand and foot like this.

Why do people not run away from city climates, knowing that they are suffering sickness from being there (such as skin diseases caused by the oxides of exhausted gas–atopy, or asthma from small floating particles)? Why don’t they move?

Hawkers resist being pushed into the framework of standard town planning. Planning methods look to be in the wrong. They should be constructed for sustainable living between nature and people. This could be good example of how to not start with a framework.

In a top-down model of society construction, a framework could be created but not the contents. This must be constructed from people’s practical efforts and creation. Even if it is done in this way, after a while people who want to control others may appear. It may mean that they feel old and are not progressive in nature.

Even Tokyo and Kyoto Universities could not do anything to stop the wars Japan took part in. We can not rely on others actions on environmental matters. If we bring up subjects such as environmental hormones, many will say “That’s the way it goes.”
Everyone thinks wars must not be started. But if they happen, unfortunately we have to accept them. In such situations, everyone prefers protecting themselves.

We have to find a higher level philosophy involving contact with nature. We can not make breakthroughs from cheap concepts. I think that from nature and its systems a new field can be created.

In Japan the devastation caused by the war fostered and promoted the longing for materialism and consumerism. Social habits to protect these behaviors produced the bubble economy. The concept of putting a lid of secrecy over scandals has been established in that society.
The spirit of harmony that has been a Japanese national habit and the logic of majority decisions after the war have combined to create a situation where matters get decided without practical and progressive discussion, strings being pulled.

The conclusion or decision of a junior manager or boss at the bottom of a hierarchy is respected by higher levels and becomes the conclusion of the whole body. Society accepts it as a representative opinion. The system makes many mistakes in this kind of way. How can this be adjusted or modified? It is a large issue with no quick or total solutions. It is evident that individualism is one answer. But how it could this be developed in Japan?

Science, research and nature, none of these follow the conclusions of the majority.

They view people as mechanical elements. Each one has their own characteristics. If they want to include people in their frameworks and forms, it must be done with regard to philosophy. Otherwise a hierarchy becomes the worst kind of one, where people are seen as tools.

Self destruction is waiting for Japan due to the isolation of the Japanese language, a strong nationalism, a tradition of conformity and harmony, and rampant materialism. Further division of work, mass-production, selection and competition will be intensified. The greed to increase profit, the spread of non-ethical thought; the biggest problem is that there is no philosophy. This results in no depth as a human being, which is the root of environmental problem. They continue saying “That’s the way it goes.”

The dynasty of globalization will be ruined by the end of fossil energy, leaving no spiritual progress.

It is ironic that the weapons developed to suppress others are used by terrorists. The only way to avoid this is to stop producing weapons.

The construction of a village is to allow individual lives to be enriched and efficient. It is not for the construction itself.

A war cannot happen between people who do not look for power. War between countries who do not want power can also not happen.

Using their country’s name, some pursue profits for their own companies. This is an example showing that once a structure has been created, it produces bad and evil people.

We have worked too much within existing social systems. There has been so much useless and wasteful work. We have to decrease this, and then the consumption of petrol will be reduced. This is a somewhat compromised opinion but precious resources should be used for cultural exchanges.

The commercialism coming from producers to promote consumption is wrong. We have to reverse the flow so requests come from people living sustainably to the producers. The production system established by people living sustainably should be reviewed and discussed periodically.

Abnormal attitudes are increasing among young Japanese. Simple are those thinking that potatoes grow on a tree after seeing them in a supermarket. But deeper problems are exposed when people point at a flying bird and say “that is wrong” or a young man feels scared to imagine infinity while watching stars.

Next plane or world

When one becomes aged, finally one denies earthly desires and can then move towards enlightenment. It might mean this to fulfill life.
Decrease of sexual desire
Reduction in sensations
Not much interest in taste
Slow reflexes after movement
Deep emotion on witnessing beauty
Finding it hard to follow quick social movements
A variety of such characteristics may develop. One needs to sharpen one’s insight and vision to compensate.
Looking for peace after death, everybody should direct their earthly life towards enlightenment and leaving every desire behind.

Consciousness can not be explained physically. Accordingly, one can not construct it. It can be understood that there must be a space that is separate from the physical body and this might continue to exist even after death and physical endings. It may be continuous to the next world, or could itself be the world.

Religions which are at each other’s throats are not able to take part in discussion on the soul world.

I don’t think that the way to the next plane is discontinuous. Religions mainly talk about the world after death and do not teach much on how one should live an earthly life rightfully and meaningfully.
I believe that one can not have a restful and peaceful life after death without having a proper and meaningful earthly life.
Some religions teach the importance of overcoming difficulties while living in isolation such as in the deep mountains, but don’t place any importance on the pursuit of the arts, literature and human creation. Training in the mountains is a wonderfully sustainable way of living, but religious austerities are imposed only on ascetics.

Does pain and suffering near death mean evolution is difficult? That sorrow is one piece of evidence.
There is the point of entry to the soul world through death. It is important and precious and a window to the next plane.

One must not see our life as a given limited and short period. After death the way one lived remains, whether it was good or bad, to be remembered by others. One can step into the next universe with the thought that leaving a good example for the following generations may act as a connection.

When humans are born they look similar, not differing visibly between rich or poor, or with many other characteristics. But when people die they look so different from each other. One’s earthly life is reflected in the body which shows that each person’s passage through life is meaningful. It may also tell us that the entrance to the next world is different.
God never tells us how and when one will die. In the world after death, individual difference may exist. We have to accept this seriously and solemnly.

Couldn’t it be said that death is evolution after an earthly life? It may be that there is no need to find and consume food or energy which would be very freeing. The next world could be progressive in terms of evolution. This is all the more reason to make our lives on the earth righteous and meaningful. Both worlds are never completely discontinuous.

Earthly life is a material one and each individual can change and aim for a higher level of living. There are many ways to do so and one should live with the highest level of effort towards one’s start in the next world.
There are things that we can only do in the material world and different ones in the next world. The former we can change and correct because they are material. Thus it is very important to live an earthly life doing one’s best.
Accordingly, everyone’s material deeds should be directed towards progressive spiritual development as an individual and cooperation with human society.

We have to solve the subject of how we connect the two worlds in the next 4.5 billion years. It is very difficult to see from here. One way could be to leave one’s thoughts and creations, and observe from the next world how they progress on earth.
Through this one could access earthly life from the next plane - for human beings it might become easier to think about the next world. This could give the key or hint on this subject to earthbound human beings.
For that reason each person has to give their best efforts in their way of living. Additionally, all of us should make strive to find and answer the question of the next world together, which would be a form of real cooperation for human society.

Why do we have to leave this precious earth to our descendants?
It is because they need a place to think on life’s meaning and solve the question of the next world. It is not only because of this though. We have to transfer our thoughts to further the discourse. By trying to access and approach the space of god, and imagining the spiritual development in the next world, we can be enlightened.

I believe it is wrong to think that a life does not mean anything and that there is nothing after death.
The reality of living on the earth starts with the blessing of the sun. All life on and of the earth is tied to the sun. As long as we live on the earth we can not live longer than sun. Our lives are just a part of the limited life of the solar system.
If the sun and the earth have an infinite life, we could find zero, but because they are limited, the reciprocal can not be zero. People have to solve their questions in a finite period. Answers could be obtained by estimating or seeking the space from finiteness to infiniteness.

Most joys which we seek are associated with the flesh. This is an important part of earthly life. A mind feeling happy, a moment of joy, a feeling of satisfaction in reaching conclusions after deep thinking, a mind proceeding with positiveness; these circumstances bridge us to thought on the next plane.
By realizing this in our earthly life and enriching ourselves, we may find this becomes a flow-on to the next world. Therefore by leaving the body or transcending it, we may be able to explore a way of progressive transfer to the next world.

As death is a given for everybody, everybody gets evolution. Is it so easy without any effort? Do we find god’s love in this?
No, where we head must be the reflection of our earthly efforts.

Reincarnation is possible if a soul remains as molecules when someone leaves their body. One may be able to feel continuity to the next plane not in a material form, but perhaps like a spreading space. This may be called enlightenment.

I want to investigate the correlation between the weight difference of a person before and after death and his earthly deeds. If his spirit jumps progressively the weight difference may be small. If it stays on the earth to be reincarnated it may be heavier. I want to verify how a person’s way of living affects this difference.
The molecules that made up the bodies of creatures including human beings continue to exist after death and a combination of them will return as a person with a soul. A mammoth’s DNA continued to exist for over 5000 years in the ground. If we die and are physically split into molecules and DNA can remain in the ground for thousands of years, reincarnation is possible.
Accordingly, joy through our bodies must be taken when it can and should be developed, so we can evolve spiritually to the enlightened world.
If people do not die after living a full and satisfied life, the earth will be filled with evil.

We can not move physically from the earth after death so it might be possible for a body to be reconstructed. And the once separate soul could return, which is called reincarnation. Nirvana is liberation to the next plane.

It is noble to finish one’s physical life without causing any harm to nature and to have coexisted with other creatures, learning from them and having created one’s own space to think. The thoughts obtained through such a process are for people to cherish, and then to leave behind.
Instead of being a load on the Earth, if we use an Ozeki tank we can have a closed system where our waste becomes non-organic residue in the last section of the tank and it can be returned to nature.

Death is necessary. A strong character will not just be swept away. Although not perfect we should make our best efforts to leave meaningful messages for the development of humanity.

Death. Regardless of the position we have in this world, when our bodies die our spirits and souls move continuously to the next plane. Where do they go? How will our earthly lives be reflected? I wish to go to the next world with high hopes and good expectations.

Fear and expectation of death. What is expected to go on forever? What is it to seek forever? This discussion is endless.

Existence of God

Contemporary human ideas look beyond national boundaries.
Assembled wooden houses in the 7th century at Skansen in Stockholm and Nara in Japan.
Introduction of the boundary integral equation for a sound field by T.Terai and contemporary scientists.
Peter’s and Inui’s paintings.
These common developments in regions far away from each other might be done by direction of god.

There must be great power in the universe if it is able to control even individual people. God’s control is not only of nature but I think it can influence an individual‘s psychology, thought, emotions and feelings.
I often think why I am with the person or people that I am talking and how the meeting has come to be.

A wave equation can not be solved if it has a non-linear term. In a non-linear equation, a solution is not uniquely set. However, a field which includes non-linearity gives a stable result corresponding to the input. Can’t this be said to be caused by god?

Life after death, Soul world

A human life should end in the beauty of nature, keeping in mind that mankind will strive to exist until the sun dies. In the meantime we have to think about how we can be set free and move to another place.
We need not to be in a hurry to solve this subject as we have 4.5 billion years to achieve a result. This is my broader meaning of a “Sustainable way of living”.

As our imaginations soar into space, our souls can do the same. This could be a form of connection to the soul world.
How are souls made? If there is a space which is not made of any substance, we might think they are created by god infinitely and continuously. After death what happens? This still needs to be resolved.

My thoughts on the view that there is nothing in the next world;
Zero is the reciprocal of infinity. The thought that the next world doesn’t exist cannot be right from a mathematical standpoint. Earthly life is limited and the knowledge that has been obtained cannot be infinite. We cannot create a space of nothingness from our world. If we do our best to live on the earth until the end we still cannot live infinitely. We cannot make zero.
Now, is it possible to think of 1/∞? What kind of world would it be? Can it be thought of as the dark space that expands to infinity? Would one be scared to stay in such a space?
Beyond the thought that life on earth is limited, after leaving this space we may be able to find the infinite space. It might even go over the physically expanding universe.
I think that it is an individual’s task to expand their space of consciousness. The earth will have a long life but it is finite, and its reciprocal is larger than zero.

A human being lives seeking for a space to jump to the world after death.
Now, where did the soul come from? Did it have a past life?

Is the world after death the same as the one after the solar system dies? Is there any movement between them? There might still be subjects for a human soul to work on which have come from our limited world, because they have not yet reached the infinite.

It seems that everyone has certain innate information and thought. Does this come only from parents and ancestors? It seems that something different exists in self. It is interesting to question whether the present is a result of reincarnation.

A narrow definition for sustainability is to enclose the life cycle, but we must not forget the contribution from outside the solar system which is not measurable. There are long histories in the Chinese, Japanese and the western zodiac which might give us hints as to the next plane.

In a sense, meditation might give us a space which is separate from the body and does not have any mass.

Why does a man live? There are people who live to pray. This might have meaning however creation can not come about with it alone.

We must not think death is a release from earthly suffering, but as a space to develop our spirit in.

It is very important to have the space to progress the spirit through sustainable living, and to obtain spaces of joy from creation (arts, literature, music etc). They are not independent but complement each other.
In the next plane, departed from the flesh, an infinite world expands for spiritual development. A way of thinking is born and created when one has contact with nature and feels its beauty and greatness.

In imagining the world after death that nobody knows, one might hope to know for good or bad where one would go. Then you could be happy if you could feel you were going to a better space. This is not an easy matter, though.

Before solving the question of the world after death one has to at least feel something about the existence of a spiritual soul and its continuation after an earthly life. Is meditation necessary? Can an answer be obtained by meditation? It must not be an artificial one. Immersing oneself in nature, it should be obtained from observation, inspiration and meditation.

Plants and animals devour solar energy. And they all wait for to become nothing physically. I think that a common space for the souls of all creatures could exist.

The soul of an extinct species could still exist somewhere in the next world. All creatures might have had previous incarnations.

The existence of the sun is expressed on a limited time axis and we can extend it to universal time and then to universal space. One can try to release the soul thinking about this sort of mapping. Mapping the universe onto one’s mind would be a fascinating area of study.


When I look back at my life, I feel that I have developed a wider range of action and more knowledge, though like Mt.Fuji looking unexpectedly small from an airplane it is only a small part of the whole.
In such a way I visualize the globe. And I feel indeed how small an individual I am. To me, this realization itself is fresh and new.
What meaning do temporary human made restrictions have?  I imagine an astronaut on a satellite would have similar strong emotions.

I want to feel how I did growing up when looking back at myself. Through dialogue with nature I want to find how I should proceed. We, living under the sun, can not exist without this kind of dialogue.

The sun is everything. What concepts can we think about until the sun’s energy is finished? And what is it as a physical phenomenon? We are at a turning point now. At the end of our sun’s lifespan what will the existence of human beings have meant and how will they be positioned? If we can survive until then, definitely a new philosophy would have had to be established and the next space found.

On this project we do only natural things based on common knowledge as a matter of course. In the present society, many of these things have disappeared - this is a problem and a shame.

I must always think positively.
I have to hold my beliefs and propose a space filled with brightness and happiness that comes with following a dream.
Denying negative thinking, I must make my own way rather than going with the flow of society.

We are at a time where each person needs to have sound judgment more than ever. We must not be swayed by temporary fads.

Let’s take back space which is filled with the smell of grass, earth, clean water and fresh air. It is the only place where we are able to think. Japanese culture had done this before the country was opened. It is in history and there must be something in the genes, an advantageous environment to develop noble philosophy.
Let’s create a utopia in NZ and Japan.

A collective group of individuals with creative opinions, thoughts and new science can construct a village. Without this we cannot expect to be able to make the jump to the next plane. The progress of thought is not used to measure an individual; an individual need not come out on the surface of a society to be a hero. An individual does not live alone, but as part of mankind aiming to live in a spiritual universe.

There must be many people who think I write with common sense. For me, who was not used to living in this way, every moment has brought fresh joy and delight. I ask for your generosity.
Taking a defiant attitude, it is good that this project is the collection of common sense. Anyone can do the same.

I could have had a happy life. I was given a space where I can live naturally and freely, without being judged e.g. qualification tests. Recognizing the importance of such a space, this project should continue forward.

Gradually this site fulfils its promise. Especially in spring 2006 when I looked down from the hill, I felt as if I was in the paradise. After mowing the grass, I enjoyed the wonderful scenery of the field filled with blossoms and fruits. I felt like a king.

We will have a time when there will be two groups. One is a group that lives sustainably. The other insists ever more strongly on living in the past. But this will fade due to the shortage of labor. Fossil energy will be used more and more for mass-production. Saving energy is not for the environment. It is j
ust a prelude to destruction.

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